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What is H.U.H.U?

H.U.H.U, or Help Us Help U, is an interactive training program where we teach you how to complete your painting project without hiring contractors.

This new and exciting initiative will allow you to save thousands of dollars by providing you with the support, knowledge, confidence and professional skills you need to reach your desired outcome.

We will teach you how to select the right products while keeping within your budget. We provide every client with a physical and digital copy of a professional paint system, which has been designed specifically for your home or business!

H.U.H.U also includes a complimentary colour consultation and interior decorating style package to ensure your space looks and feels just the way you visualise it.

We provide you with ongoing support throughout your project, offering over the phone advice as well as checking in at the start, middle and end of your project.

H.U.H.U incorporates, promotes and practises high health and safety standards. After H.U.H.U’s training program, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and assess working hazards;
  2. Manage working hazards with preventative methods by applying safe work practises;
  3. Understand how to safely apply and store paints & materials.

We also provide ‘smoko’ and a BBQ graduation at the end of your training with refreshments.

Gather your loved ones together (or someone who owes you a favour) and get a real ‘tradie’ experience with this fun training program.

Why Do I Need H.U.H.U?

If you would like to save thousands of dollars on a professional paint job, then H.U.H.U is for you.

H.U.H.U gives you the opportunity to enjoy working side by side with family and friends, while restoring and protecting what is considered to be your most valuable asset. You can be assured you’re applying professional preparation and painting techniques that have long lasting effects.

This training program allows you to work at your own pace, save money and learn lifelong skills. You can even earn extra cash by using your newly acquired skills and helping Meticulous Finishes on painting projects.

When is H.U.H.U available?

The real question is, when are you available?

H.U.H.U operates every day of the week at times that suit our clients. The training program usually consist of one whole day of training, depending on the size of the project. And don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone … we are also available to support clients throughout the duration of their project via phone and make a complimentary visit half way through and at the very end of their project.

(We recommend our clients to participate between Monday & Friday, so they can put their new skills into action at the weekend, followed by a BBQ to top off a great day’s work).

Where is H.U.H.U based?

H.U.H.U’s head office is situated in sunny Brisbane, but the training program takes place onsite where the paint project is being conducted (e.g. your home).

H.U.H.U also offers nationwide services – Terms & Conditions apply.

Who can use H.U.H.U?

H.U.H.U is available for anyone looking to save money, learn new skills & transform their most valuable asset all by themselves.

H.U.H.U can be a whole day of training for large projects, or half a day from smaller ones. If you cannot physically participate in the program due to disability, clients can nominate relatives or friends to participate on their behalf. A maximum of two clients can be present at once.

Before training commences, clients will sign an agreement to ensure they do not teach others their new skills, due to safety and privacy reasons.

How do I apply?

To apply for a fun day of H.U.H.U or to find out more information, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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