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Painting Over Pre-Painted Surfaces

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Painting Over Pre-Painted Surfaces

1 March 2017 Posted by Meticulous Finishes Painting Tips


Pre-Painted Surfaces

  • Always conduct a lead test on any pre painted surface if the house is more than 20 years old.
  • When you are sanding a previously painted surface for example; Architraves or Walls, we recommend you use 120grit sandpaper or the rougher side of sanding block for the FIRST initial sand. Note: Always rub a new piece of sandpaper or sanding block on a rougher surface (concrete) first to prevent any heavy scratch marks.
  • After undercoating the sanded areas (and removing dust) use a worn piece of sandpaper or the smoother side of the sanding block to ensure you do not completely remove the undercoat.
  • When you are sanding between topcoats on an architrave we recommend you use a very fine or worn sanding block (no sandpaper should be used when sanding between top coats)

Aluminum Sliding Window and Door Architraves and Doors

  • We recommend any internal skirting, window and door frames receive a good sand, remove any dust and undercoat with an oil based undercoat.
  • Fill any holes with white timber filler (better finish) or putty, fill cracks with gap filler. Sand and then touch up any patches or any other areas where you think it may need touching up.
  • Remove all dust and apply top coat(s).
  • We recommend Oil Based Enamel for Topcoats.

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